Planetary Space, Board Game Antics # 1

Game Design Antics: The latest version of my space board game (the one that ties into my upcoming novel) is underway with many new changes and alterations. This will be the biggest update since I began this project. Cards will be rebalanced, many tossed, others reworked. One card type is even being completely removed and redefined to be purchased now outside of the decks, separately.

Also, a brand new card type is being introduced to the decks, one that should add whole new exciting options, while not bogging down gameplay. A template is also starting to be incorporated for cards, whereas before, it was a very quick, temporary template meant only for playtesting, though no doubt many tweaks are still yet to come.

Other changes involve a brand new way to add a big red target on players, making player vs player action more tempting than ever. And movement between planets and sectors has been redefined as well. On top of that, the game board has already been redesigned, another element that should encourage more player interaction.

New levels of gameplay allowing for more basic gameplay and more advanced gameplay, are also being worked on. Currently, the game was just at the advanced level, which can be a bit much for new players.

It is always risky making big changes without fully working out all of the kinks in the game, such as a new card type, but I think this card type addresses ongoing issues I have been having in a fun way and I’m willing to risk it. At least this game isn’t as complex as my two other games currently on hold, which needed far more extensive playtesting than I am able to do at the moment.

Are you working on game design, yourself? What kind of game? Board games? Video Games? There is a local playtest group here in Sacramento, for those interested. By all means contact me through out facebook page or on here (though I am less likely to see it on here. I aim to change that this year.).

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