Dream Antics # 1: Escaping Monsters

Here I will lay out some of my more extensive dreams when they happen.

First up. Last night. I was escaping a town on a rainy night where giant monsters were fighting, bringing down buildings. My destination was a boat, a pretty sizable fishing boat or exploration boat, with a few levels inside of it. But before I could use that boat… without being killed in the process, I had to overcome another threat. Pyramid Head, from the Silent Hill games.

With the help of the actress, Laura Dern, we devised a plan. On the back of the boat, it had one of those elevator like cages that are used to lower divers into the ocean. Estimating, I would say it was about 4 feet by 6, and a good 8-9 feet tall, with metal caging on all sides except the top. We lured the monster into the cage and lowered it into the ocean underneath the surface. Then, we started the engine of the boat at that moment, so that the cage and the rushing water pushed back, somehow trapping the creature.

In exploring the boat’s many layers, I came across a couple Jedi, one a 2-3 foot white bear creature. There was also a female Chinese witch ghost roaming the hallways that had the appearance of a male with one of those old style Chinese mustaches, long on the sides. Don’t ask me how I knew she was a she, I just did. At first, I tried to avoid the ghost, as it seemed threatening enough. I soon learned its intentions would help with dealing with Pyramid Head when the time came. Meanwhile, a Troll passenger came aboard and was very much crushing on the ghost.

We eventually made it to another destination, some kind of Jedi base. That is what I recall. Any thoughts? Did you have any crazy dream last night? Let’s hear it!

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