The Voices (2014, no spoilers): A bizarre, twisted treat

the_voices_movie_poster_prospect.co The Voices (2014, no spoilers): A bizarre, twisted treat

The Gist

A troubled man deals with conflicting voices as he finds love, death, and everything inbetween. The movie is a bizarre mix of humor and dark inner fantasy with a bit of gore.

The Breakdown

Ryan Reynolds plays Jerry, a likable guy with a sense of something not quite right about him. This sense is immediately verified in moments where he is away from actual human contact and in the company of his cat and dog, who proceed to chat with him. The cat is the evil one, urging Jerry toward his darker impulses and the dog tries to comfort Jerry and get him to do the right thing.

These exchanges work very well, even as new voices are added to the mix. The rest of the cast do a great job, though this is primarily the show of Jerry and his animal friends, as he battles the dark and light parts of himself.

Everything flows really well. The pacing never drags and while the tone shifts from light to dark, it does so naturally. Ryan carries the film beautifully, making this a bold, different choice for his career and I hope it pays off.

I think what is most remarkable in the film is that Jerry still manages to garner sympathy, that we can still feel sorry for him, even as he’s done these horrible things. This makes the story more than a bit sad in the midst of its twisted sense of humor. This isn’t about someone who is just plain soulless evil, but about something I find far more realistic and interesting, a character who has light and darkness in him and the moments where he crosses over, making it easier and easier to cross over each time. It’s an exploration of that in a way I don’t often see. The movie captures that conflict raging himself him really well.

Should you watch this movie?

If you like the incredibly bizarre, but almost kind of funny in a sick, twisted way… this may just be a movie for you. This movie is in the same spirit of weird as movies like Otis (2008), though far more slick and smooth around the edges, almost with a tinge of Dilbert (not in the satirical look at the office place, but in his talking animal companions).

If that sounds like your cup of tea, go for it. I would recommend just tracking it down and watching it blindly, but if you need a bit more convincing, check out the trailer below:

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